Delayed or Cancelled Flight?

June 1, 2019

If you have never sat around in an airport and waited while your flight was delayed, you've never flown before. Or, maybe only flown once or twice.


Did you know the suffering caused by having to sit around and wait could actually be worth more than a headache? Turns out we could all be entitled to some financial compensation.





Are you eligible for flight compensation?


In accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004 a passenger is entitled to 250-600 euros of compensation in case of:

• Flight delay more than 3 hours

• Flight cancellation

• Denied boarding due to overbooking

• Missed connection due to a delay of the first segment (you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours later than planned)


The only requirement is that your disrupted flight needed to have happened up to six years back (depending on the country of departure)

• within the EU (on any airline)

• leaving the EU (on any airline)

• or arriving into EU (on EU airline)



How much exactly should you get for disrupted flight?


The amount of compensation you’re entitled depends on several factors, including how long you have been delayed, and the distance of your flight. You can calculate the exact amount using the chart below or the simple compensation calculator on the Compensair’s website:



How to claim?


There are two ways to file your claim to airline: you can embark on the claim process independently or let Compensair take a fight for you by filling in the simple claim form.


If you decide to proceed on your own, you will need the following:

  • Draw up a claim with supporting evidence and necessary documents;

  • Submit a claim in the way required by an airline (online form, fax, email, etc.);

  • Wait for a response (it may take several months);

  • Draw up again a legally justified response to airline’s payment refusal or send a claim again (if ignored);

  • In case of unjustified refusal or ignorance, you will need to apply to consumer rights protection authorities of the country of departure and/or to court.

Or you can let Compensair manage everything as quickly as possible for 25% success fee. They will take on all the hassle providing regular updates along the way. And there is no risk at all - they will charge you only in case of success.



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