A Precious Gem in the Heart of Yangon, Myanmar

May 17, 2019

As a female solo-traveler, there’s always a huge misconception that it is unsafe and difficult that’s why I’ve always been very careful of the places I stay, most especially when it’s somewhere new to me since it takes time for me to get accustomed to an unfamiliar city. I don’t know, perhaps it’s the transportation or maybe it’s the language barrier. 

Traveling to Myanmar in May of 2019 is a birthday treat for myself. I usually take into consideration the location, amenities, comfort, and price when selecting my accommodation and I don’t often splurge on hotels whenever I’m traveling since I will be out most of the time anyway. But since it is a special occasion, not to mention my first time in this city, I wanted to make sure that I have the most comfortable and best experience ever.



Of all the hotels listed in Yangon, I chose to stay in Sedona Hotel because of its strategic location not to mention the amenities that will help me feel at home. Having to experience utmost comfort and service is important for this trip since I crave the luxurious lifestyle which I feel that I deserve as I turn 30 this year.


It only took me 20 minutes to arrive in Sedona Hotel Yangon. It is located at the heart of the city and across the very serene Inya Lake. This luxury 5-star property is guaranteed to make your stay worthwhile with its excellent service, amazing amenities, relaxing atmosphere, shops to help you get legit stones and other Myanmar products, and of course delicious food and drinks in various restaurants such as Italian at Orzo, Oriental cuisine at Du Fu, or International buffet at D’Cuisine.


For my first night, I decided to have a glass of white wine and their uber rich and delicious cheesecake as I listen to the acoustic band serenading the guests at the Lobby Lounge. I then decided to call it a night since I had a lot of exploring to do the next day. I stayed at the new Inya Wing, which even has its own lobby.




My Room


I got the Premier Deluxe Room which is perfect for a one-person traveler like me. The bed is super big (or maybe I’m just too small, perspective eh?) that is complemented with super soft pillows and sheets. The view from my room is overlooking the Inya Lake so that is always a refreshing sight and I wouldn’t mind waking up like this everyday. I mean, who wouldn't wake up feeling great when you're staying here! I've always woken up feeling energised and excited for the day.



Guests staying in these rooms also get to enjoy the complimentary laundry service, which is very helpful because the weather in Yangon is hot and humid, so I shower and change my clothes at least twice a day. This saves me money and clean clothes that I can repeat throughout my stay. But in case you need clothes or want to go shopping, the Myanmar Plaza is just across the hotel so it's definitely convenient.


But speaking of showering, I also love the luxurious and spacious bathtub with a glass wall that’s perfect so I can watch TV while drinking wine and enjoying a bubble bath. Who wouldn’t feel fabulous in this, right?




In the morning as I get ready to explore the city, I make sure to have a hearty breakfast first. D’Cuisine offers a wide selection of local and international dishes. There’s a variety of food items to choose from – different types of bread, egg station, Japanese and Chinese food stations, DIY noodle stations, and many more. 



For dinner, they also have a different theme and food selection during dinner. Since it was Mango season, I absolutely loved the mango-themed dishes that's quite unique and delectable. Aside from this, there is also someone going around and serenading to every table. It is entertaining to know that he actually knows a specific song for every country.





And when I’m tired from exploring the stunning temples of Yangon or when I’m just too full from hitting the buffet, the fitness gym is also available which houses top quality state-of-the-art workout equipment and offers large workout spaces that won’t feel crowded. 



But I’d rather just relax and enjoy the hotel’s swimming pool. Personally, I think this is the best one in Yangon because of its large deep pools, jacuzzi, and sunken bar in the middle of the pool. It’s so easy to lose track of time as I lounge all day and enjoy the warm breeze in this that gives off an island tropical-feel that's very familiar to me.



However, if I wanted to go somewhere more private, Sedona Hotel’s executive lounge allows me to work or relax in private. Their breakfast, afternoon tea, and happy hour offer amazing food and drinks while being assisted and prioritized by their staff. 



The hotel also has other amenities such as the ballroom for social and corporate events, meeting rooms, tennis court, spa, shopping gallery (I bought some stones and bracelets from Fun Fun). They also have money changers and ATMs which a safer way to get cash in case you run out of kyats (Myanmar currency).


Overall, Sedona Hotel Yangon is a gem found in the busy and thriving city of Yangon, Myanmar. It will definitely add up to an amazing and luxurious experience. Its convenience, safety, awesome selection of restaurants, and close proximity to the different must-see places in Yangon makes it all worthwhile. But there's so many things you can do in the hotel, it makes it really difficult to go somewhere else. That's why I'd always choose to stay with Sedona Hotel.




Book Sedona Hotel Yangon when traveling to Myanmar. I guarantee you that you'll have the best service and experience!


Sedona Hotel Yangon 

Address: No. 1 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Website: https://www.sedonahotels.com.sg/yangon/

Reservations: Click Here

Contact Number:+95 1 860 5377 / 5353 / 5355


Oh and check out their Instagram and Facebook pages for updates and cool travel ideas!





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