Self-Confessed Underwater Breathing Addict

April 20, 2019

Is that what SCUBA means? lol


If you're an empath like me, then you'd easily find yourself being drawn to big bodies of water - oceans, seas, lakes, etc. Ever since I was a kid, I'd jump in swimming pools all day until I learned about scuba diving. My best friend introduced me to scuba diving when we were in college. So that's roughly 7 years ago - talk about blast from the past. And here we are today, still hooked and onto my nth dive with my friends and colleagues from my life and wealth coaching business. 


Just before the Holy Week started, my friends and I decided to go to Anilao, Batangas which is famous for its marvellous dive sites and ultra chill vibe that's sure to take anyone's stress and negativities away. Anilao is 2-3 hours away from Manila which makes it so accessible if you're looking for a quick escape from the busy city. Since our group has someone taking his open-water certification, we needed to be there around 8am. This will maximise the time spent for pool sessions and scuba dive. 

For this trip, we opted to dive twice a day. For the first day, we went to Cathedral and Aqua Garden. These dive sites were so close to the resort we were staying - maybe 10 to 15 mins boat ride. Here, we saw some cool spotted moray eels and of course, the beautiful cross firmly planted next to the lively reefs and soft corals. There's also a cute castle close to the cross, you won't miss it.


We had our surface interval in Tingloy island. This island is so relaxing and I can't help but smile and dance to the beachy vibe this has. Moments like this make me so happy because I am able to experience this with my friends and colleagues on a Monday - talk about time freedom, yes? So roughly an hour or so, my friends taking Discovery Scuba Dive (first time to dive) learned the basic skills of scuba, while I used this time to really reflect on what's happening with my life and well, the scenery definitely helped create that mood so we might as well take photos here too.











After diving, we were definitely hungry and the lunch buffet is just amazing. I love their uber sour pork sinigang! We then decided to hang out by the pool, showered, and got ready for dinner and some night cap. Oh and I love that the resort faces west, so you'll definitely catch this beautiful sunset everyday. Check out the view from our room!

Next day,  I went down by the beach to meditate as part of my morning daily routine. But with this view? The experience transcends me to a different level of peaceful state of mind. My friends joined me as well and I'm just so grateful to be in this space.


After a sumptuous breakfast, we then headed to our dive sites would be from Layag-Layag to Saddle and another from Batok to Beatriz - 20 to 25 minutes away from our resort. We saw stingrays and mackerels. Reefs and soft corals were luscious and magnificent. I was just in awe of everything I saw underwater, how wonderful all the creatures, big and small, living in harmony.


What strikes me the most though was the things we saw during our surface interval in one of the rocky shores that was filled with so much trash. We easily filled up a huge trash bag with plastics. The sight of plastics washed ashore is truly depressing. I realised how we are all connected, how our tiny actions can make a huge impact (good and bad) to the environment. So please, let's be more aware of this.

As we end our dive, we were greeted by the resort with another feast of delicious food. We had kare-kare, cream dory, fried chicken, and vegetables. We checked out around 4pm and decided to have buko halo-halo nearby for dessert (always have room for dessert lol).


As I look back on this trip, I realised so many things about connection. And I'm not just talking about phone connection here (which is not that great but still workable), what I mean is creating genuine connections with people and the environment. This trip allowed me to quiet my mind and really be able to reflect on the important things in life. Allowing myself to take some time off and really be in a space of positivity and humility. Learning new and exciting things everyday helps me become a better and grander version of myself. I do this so I can inspire and create a lifestyle that is doable for all. Want to learn how I do it? Feel free to comment or message me here.


'til my next adventure! Where to next?

If you're interested in scuba diving, check out my dive team - Scubanox Diving

Look for Gage Veridiano +639176764243


The resort we stayed in (which I highly highly recommend) is Halo Anilao Dive resort.

Address: Barangay Ligaya, Anilao, Batangas

Email: and

Contact Number: +639178560618




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