Yomiuri Land Jewellumination

February 5, 2019

Tokyo always has something new coming up almost every season. It also has a unique vibe that never fails to amaze me no matter how often I go here to visit my family. Last winter, I went here with my niece who helped me bring out my inner kid. 


Since we didn't really have an itinerary, we just went along where the locals go and maximise our stay by going to places near our place. 


Not so far from the busy streets of Tokyo is Yomiuri Land. It's located in 4015-1 Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo.

In case you'll be traveling by car, there is an available parking space nearby which only costs 1,500 yen per day. It is also very accessible when you use the subway, Keio Line, stopping in Yomiuri Land Station. From there, you can ride the Gondola Sky Shuttle going to the theme park.


Yomiuriland features jewel-collared illuminations that shines through the night.


The park is divided into 8 sections which features different themes and coloured light installations.

Jiedo Garden, Tanzanite Promenade, Pink Sapphire Town, Umber Forest, Emerald Mountain, Diamond Aurora World, Tourmaline Beach, and the Blue Sapphire Fountain.


My favourite places are the Diamond Aurora World and the light tunnel near the Umber Forest. We also played a lot of crane games in the Pink Sapphire Town. I thought it's an impossible game but I just love how I'm able to win small prizes there.



Words cannot express how beautiful and enchanting this place is. I love how the park transforms at night and how it sparks so much joy in everyone's hearts. Every area has different vibes and colours, so expect a lot of photo ops when you're here. Don't forget to put your cameras on night mode for a more dramatic effect.

 Aside from this, Yomiuriland also boasts its attractions that are perfect for all ages. My favourite would be the Bandit or the rollercoaster ride that goes around the theme park. I also enjoyed the Ferris wheel because it gives us an overall view of the park. You can also see the Sky Tree, the Tokyo Tower, and Mt. Fuji during the day. The photo below is the one I took when we were up the Ferris wheel. Isn't it beautiful at night?


Don't miss out on this amazing experience. Their light installation is until April 7, 2019 only. After that, they'll prepare another exhibit that's most suitable for spring.



Operating Hours 
09:30-20:00 (Nighttime admission: 16:00~)
* Closing time may vary each day; please refer to the official website.


Gondola Sky Shuttle from Keio Yomiuriland Station:

Prices apply for both Adult and Child

Single 300 yen

Return 500 yen

Park Ticket
[One Day Pass with Sea Lion Show and Free Pass to All Attractions]
Adults 5,400 yen / Teenagers 4,300 yen / Children 3,800 yen / Senior 4,500 yen

[Entrance Only]
Adults 1,800 yen / Teenagers 1,500 yen / Children 1,000 yen / Senior 800 yen


[Hiyoko Pass with Sea Lion Show and Free Pass to 21 Kids Attractions]
Adults 3,800 yen / Teenagers 3,300 yen / Children 3,000 yen / Senior 3,300 yen

Park Ticket at Night after 16:00
[Night Pass]
Adults 2,400 yen / Teenagers 1,600 yen / Children 1,600 yen / Senior 1,600 yen 

[Entrance Only]
Adults 1,400 yen / Teenagers 600 yen / Children 300 yen / Senior 600 yen

[Ticket information]
ID required to receive discounted privileges
- Babies (less than 36 months)
- Children: 36 months-age 12 
- Teenagers: Ages 13-18 
- Senior citizens: Over age 65 (children rate applied)



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