Yipeee Ski-yay!

December 19, 2018

Since we arrived Seoul during winter, it's a must that we also tried skiing. Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort is the closest to the city. We chose Korea Days (details at the bottom of the page) as we were conveniently picked up in Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station, which is around a 5-min train ride from where we were staying. But in case you decide to commute, you can also ride the subway and stop at the Baeyang-ri. I also saw a way to get here from Nami Island so it's really up to you how you plan your trip.


We arrived at the ski centre first to prepare us for our ski activity. There, we borrowed ski clothes and rented ski masks, helmets, and snow gloves. One tip I got from our ski guide is to pick bright coloured ski clothes so that you'll be detected easier in case something happens. (This tip was apparently helpful for me since I fell off and went off course hahaha).


Since it's my first time skiing, I was a bit nervous to go down the slopes. Luckily, Zoey, our ski instructor, is very patient and helpful. She taught us the basics - the gears, the slopes, and the different techniques in getting back on your feet. We even got certificates to show the completion of our training!


We first tried the bunny slope. I felt confident skiing down as I didn't hit anybody. So we decided to go straight to the beginner's course. It was higher than I expected. I still didn't know how to control my speed and directions so I hit and got entangled to the net barricades seen on the side (lol).


After several attempts at the beginner course, we decided to take the lift to the other beginner course and ride this one instead. It seems a bit more difficult considering the number of people skiing and snowboarding down. 

When we got tired from skiing, we decided to go to Snow Garden where we can relax and feel warm while eating our late lunch. You can choose Korean, Italian, or Japanese food. 


But if you prefer to eat outdoors, you can also go to the kiosks right beside it. They have hotdog, Tteokbokki, and other Korean dishes.

After eating, we decided to hit more slopes until we got very VERY tired. I'm so happy that the ride home was smooth and that we can just relax in our tour bus. I'd definitely go back if I want to practice some more. My goal is to not fall down and hit anyone while skiing the slopes!

For fast and convenient ski tour booking at Elysian Gangchon Resort, you may contact Korea Days Travel Agency:


LINE: snowtour888

WeChat: skytourkorea

WhatsApp: +8210 7235 2688

Facebook: Koreadays

Website: https://koreadays.kr








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