Princess for One Day

December 15, 2018

In this very modern world, it's always nice to see a glimpse of how it was like in the past and experience what it felt like thousands of years ago. Because we wanted to immerse ourselves completely by seeing the palaces in Seoul, we might as well go full out and wear the Hanbok.


Hanbok is a Korean traditional dress characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Hanbok usually refers specifically to clothing of the Joseon period and is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional Korean festivals and celebrations. Women’s hanbok typically consists of a jeogori (blouse shirt or jacket) and chima (wrap-around puffy skirt); whereas men’s hanbok also comprises of a jeogori but paired with loose-fitting baji (trousers) instead.



Luckily, we had help wearing these from One Day Hanbok located in 2nd Floor, 4 Bukchonro5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (just across Jae-Dong Elementary School). You can choose from their wide selection of traditional and modern outfits, purses, and accessories. You can fit their Hanbok up to 2 times and they will assist you in wearing it. You can also maximise their 'salon' complete with hair equipments and accessories. You will have to fix your hair and makeup on your own though so I suggest doing this at home before going there.

  • For a more traditional look, try doing a braid and then tie a daenggi on the end of the braid like this. (A daenggi is a traditional Korean ribbon made of cloth to tie and decorate braided hair). If you want a more elaborate braid, try doing a saeang-meori or jjok-jin-meori.

You are free to choose whatever design you like (it can get difficult as there are so many beautiful pieces to choose from). Personally, I wore the modern Hanbok simply because of its feminine design. On the other hand, Bree chose a more traditional look which also looked great and vibrant on photos.



There are five grand palaces to be found in Seoul: Gyeongbukgong, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, and Gyeonghuigung. While wandering through the grand palaces, wearing Hanbok made me feel like a princess. 


You may be wondering also if Hanbok can be worn during winter, eh? Well, yes! In fact, I was wearing a sweater underneath this. Doesn't seem like it huh? You can also put your jacket on top of your Hanbok (then take it off for photo ops).


I must say, it is a must to experience wearing a Hanbok when visiting Korea. It’ll really make your trip memorable, plus it'll save you money on entrance fees too. It's like hitting two birds with one stone!

Below are the things you need to know when renting a Hanbok:


Book / Reserve your Hanbok fitting

You can email your booking details (Name, Date & Time, Number of people) to and a confirmation email will be sent to you thereafter. Booking isn’t a requirement, but it is recommended that you make a booking in order to have priority when you arrive at the shop

Hanbok Rental Fare
  • 4 Hours – 18,000 Korean Won

  • Additional hourly fee – 4,500 Korean won

  • 1 Day (24 Hours) – 28,000 Korean Won
    (Minimum rental duration is 4 hours)

  • Basic accessories – Free (Hair accessories, bags, dress underskirt)
    Special accessories – 2,000 Korean won (Kings hat, Kings belt, Gisaeng hat, Gat,  etc.)

Hanbok Rental Deposit
  • Copy of ID card + Hanbok Rental Deposit of 50,000 Korean Won per Hanbok.

  • OR deposit ID card + Hanbok Rental Deposit of 10,000 Korean Won per Hanbok* As a substitute an ID card, a valid Passport or Korean Alien Registration Card will be accepted
    * In case of group booking (max. 6 people), only 1 ID card is required.

Important Terms
  • Each customer will be provided with two fitting chances. In cases of a misfit in Hanbok size, an additional  fitting chance will be provided. Customers who wish to try more than two fittings will be charged an additional 2,000won/fitting).

  • Photo taking in store is allowed only with Hanbok Rental

  • Fitting is provided with rental only, if you give up your rental after fitting, 2,000 won per fitting will be charged for your fitting session.

  • In case of delay of return, penalty of 10,000 Korean won will be charged on top of the standard Hanbok rental fare for the hours delayed (e.g. for 2 hours delay without notice, the chargeable will be 10,000 + 9,000 = 19,000 won)

You can also opt to hire a photographer from them if you want your photos taken professionally.

Check out One Day Hanbok's website at


They respond quickly and in English, which makes it perfect for travelers like us!


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