How to Spend a Day in Zurich

August 3, 2018

Zurich is the financial capital of Switzerland. For those of you who have a strict schedule around Europe, visiting Zurich even for just a day should definitely be on your list of “things to do.” It’s packed with relaxing and informative activities which can be enjoyed by anyone – solo travellers, couples, families, etc.


The key to enjoy this amazing city is by getting Zurich’s city pass. This allows you to roam around the city and enter different museums for a day. For more details, check out


You can also get your tickets from here -

You can choose for 1-3 day passes. In my case, I chose the 1 day pass (24 hours)


Since I don’t always plan what I do during the day, I started my walking tour by getting an overview of the city. Best to do this in Lindenhof, a platform overlooking the old town city and the picturesque buildings by the lake. It’s so peaceful here. People come here to relax and have picnics. The walk in itself towards this place is already mesmerising. You can find different restaurants and boutiques along its winding streets.

I continued my walk heading to the station. I was not familiar with the train system so I just rode the train on the first platform I saw, which was heading to Uetliburg. I had no idea that this is a mountain yet I enjoyed the scenic train ride going up. Getting off at the last station, it’s just a short 10-minute walk to the top. You can also pay 2CHF if you want to climb up the tower. Here, you can see the whole of Zurich and it is uh-mazing. I was starting to get hungry too so I ate at the restaurant just below the lookout. Again, amazing view overlooking the Zurich’s landscape.

After eating, I thought of going to Landesmuseum just because I wanted to go somewhere that will shelter me from the sun’s heat. It’s amazing how they’re able to preserve the relics found centuries ago. They also showcase the country’s rich history and cultural adaptation from other countries like Japan (yeah I know, I’m a bit biased here). I am also fascinated with the different sections of the museum as it shows Switzerland’s heritage, culture, food, clothing, religion, etc.


The museum is massive and I was there until closing time. I decided to catch the tram heading to Bellevue so I can walk around the lake. After all, no trip to Zurich would be complete without checking out this iconic lake. Different activities can be seen as I walk around – some people are jamming, some are laying there getting a tan, some are swimming in the lake, some are having picnics. I, on the other hand, just kept walking and ended up in Chinagarten. 


Getting tired from walking, I then had my dinner at Vorderer Sternen Grill where they serve casual Swiss street food like sausage, fries, and beer. It’s not hard to miss this place as people line up outside to order. Price is also reasonable and their service is fast. 



P.S. It seems that they speak Swiss-German here so it was quite different as I came from Lausanne, which is on the other side of Switzerland. 


P.P.S. Remember that I mentioned earlier that I wasn’t familiar to commuting around the city? Well, going home I found myself catching a train that takes me farther from the city. I ended up going to Uster! No worries though, just had to catch the next train back to Zurich. Good thing it wasn’t that late in the evening so there were still several trains going back. 


Tune in for more of my (mis)adventures,







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