Speedy Sydney with OZ Jet Boating

May 29, 2018


I happen to arrive Sydney during their Autumn/Winter season and the weather shifts from sunny to cloudy or rain showers. It was definitely cold and I feel like I underestimated this so I didn't bring enough or the right clothes for this trip.


Nonetheless, I still wanted to do something thrilling while enjoying the gorgeous scenery that Sydney has to offer.

What better way to do this but with OZ Jet Boating. You get this amazing view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, etc.


As we headed to the OZ Jet Boating booth, my friend and I were greeted by their uber friendly general manager, Matt. We were also introduced to our very skilled driver, Glen, who was giving us a combination of great sight-seeing and exhilarating manoeuvres. 


Glen had an awesome playlist ready as we cruise through the Sydney harbour but as we approach the open waters, we had to hang on to the hand bars as we spin several times and got wet. We were doing 180 and 270 degree spins, powerful fishtails, and turns and power slides at speed of up to 85kph! Good thing we were wearing our coats as the water's too cold. Our hair's tangled and messy though (as expected) but it was alright. As we approach the end of the curve, the song "The Middle" by Zedd came on and I love how our group just went on and sang the whole song. Definitely enjoyed each and every moment of it.


Do something extraordinary in your next visit to Australia. 


Oz Jet Boating adventures can be found in Circular Quay’s Eastern Pontoon, between the ferry wharves and Sydney Opera House. It is only a short walk from Circular Quay train station and bus terminus, and all Sydney Harbour ferries stop at Circular Quay. You can't miss it.


Reserve your slots now through their website: https://www.ozjetboating.com.au

They have amazing customer service and replies almost instantly.



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