What Not to Forget Before Traveling Somewhere

January 7, 2018

It's always exciting to travel and explore new places. As someone who has been traveling almost every month of the year, I've had my fair share of horror stories even before I get to the airport. Your experience prior to your trip can somehow affect your mood when you get to your destination. So if you want to start your trip right, just remember to check and bring these obviously important items. 



1. Passport

Believe it or not, I was already checking in my luggages for my flight to Japan when I found out that I left my passport at home! Coming from Manila where traffic is horrendous, a trip back home can take me at least an hour even if it's just a couple kilometres away. Luckily, traffic was smooth that time and I managed to retrieve my passport. So yeah, bringing your passport is one of the most obvious thing can remember that will save you the hassle.




2. Money - ATM, Credit Cards, Cash

There are probably millions of ways for you to get money if you forget to bring your wallet at home. But would you really want to go through all that trouble? The same goes when you have no cash on hand. Some places (even at this modern time and age) still do not accept credit cards as their mode of payment. So a trip back to the nearest ATM, which can be in the next town or so, can be very inconvenient. Worse, if the mode of transportation int that area doesn't accept cards as well. Then you'll end up being hungry, walking to find the nearest ATM, or leaving something valuable as collateral for the unsettled payment.


3. Cellphone, Camera, Earphones

It's great to use your phone as a camera to document or to take selfies during your trip. Whether you're the type who takes pictures of their trips or not, your cellphone should always come in handy when traveling. Everything can be searched online with just your phone and when things seem to be dangerous and unsafe, having your own phone to contact somebody is important. Other than that, you can also store some of your information in your phone - flight details, reservations, etc., just in case there is no internet where you're going.


Also, don't forget to bring your earphones and to backup you phone with the right music playlist to drown out the sea of snoring, sneezing and obnoxious pre-party-vacationers during your flight.



3. Universal Adapters, Chargers and Power Banks

These are the most common yet basic items that people forget and guiltily, I am one of those people. I mentioned above that your phone is important, but it will be useless if you're not able to charge it. Considering the long flights and capacity of your phone's battery (or battery of any gadget you have), you want to be prepared just in case you need to call someone as soon as you land. So getting a power bank seems like a smart item to bring with you anywhere. However, power banks don't last forever and a universal adapter is an even smarter item to bring so you don't find yourself buying a new charger that's compatible with the country's sockets.


All these items cannot be more obvious things that you need to bring yet many still forget. I, for one, have experienced traveling and forgetting these items so I ended up buying or being hassled to do the alternate course needed at that time. So before even jumping on that plane, make sure that you have the necessities.



What are some items that you can't travel without? Let me know in the comments below!




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