Accelerated Digital Academy


Accelerated Digital Academy will show you how to create passive income by working online. We have created multiple lessons that are broken down into a simple step by step procedure so that you can work anytime in your own pace.


This course is all about mindset and goal setting. Without this, there is no point in starting any kind of business. Imagine shooting an arrow without a target? Where would you aim? What would be your purpose? This is all about the basics of a business.

  • Foundation

    • The Importance of Your Dreams.

    • Defining Your Limitless Dreams.

    • Creating Your Vision Board.

    • Goal Setting. Get a crystal clear image of what you want for your business.

    • How to Achieve Your Goals.

    • Rewiring Your Brain as an Entrepreneur.

    • Understanding the Life of an Entrepreneur.

    • 6-Figure Mindset

    • Success Mindset

  • Crafting Your Brand

    • Know Your Passion

    • Idea Workbook

    • Picking your Niche, Digging deeper with your passion.

    • Niche Workbook

    • Picking the right business for you and how to get started with it.

    • Validating Your Idea

    • Conducting Your Market Research

    • Telling Your Story 

    • Brand Message

    • Learn how to make a business plan

    • Putting your Business Online.

    • Fueling your business. Learn how to create your own website with the color palette.



Now let’s get started with your business! I have to admit, this is my favorite! When you got the basics handled and you have a stable foundation, we can now start with the more technical training! We will show you how to work online and identify what’s working and what’s not. Some of our clients have already started their business and are having a hard time growing it, they can have a straight access to this course, and can always go back to the basics whenever they want to. This course will put your business in auto-pilot so you can achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

  • Domains

    • Introduction to Domains and Subdomains​

    • Availing your own Domain tutorial

  • Website Creation

    • Building your website

    • Navigating through Wix​

    • Impact your website by choosing the right format: Essential color schemes, fonts and elements for visual impact.

  • Creating Your Own Digital Academy

    • Mapping out Your Video Courses.

    • Setting Up Your Membership Site

    • Testing your Digital Academy

    • Pre-launch pricing: How to Price your Academy

    • Setting up checkout pages: Paypal, stripe​

  • Funnels

    • Introduction to Funnels: Importance of opt in page, thank you page, order page.

    • Navigating through Click Funnels

    • Connecting your Academy to your Sales page

    • Funnel Templates

    • Defining your eye candy: Free gifts that will allow you to build your clients.

    • How to Make a Bridge Video

    • How to Make a Keynote Video

    • Using subdomains to your Funnels

  • Email Automation

    • Importance of email automation and autoresponders

    • Getting your custom email

    • Learn how build your email list.

    • Installing Get Response

    • Integrating Get Response to your Funnels

    • Email series and sequence

    • Access to our ready-made email samples.​

  • Instagram

    • Installing Instagram

    • Installing your cloud computer

    • Installing Jarvee

    • IG Automation

    • Direct Messaging

    • 3, 2, 1 Strategy

    • IG Automated posts

    • Got 10K followers?

    • Stunning visuals for your brand

  • Facebook as your marketing and advertising tool: Facebook business and Facebook page.

    • Facebook as a rainmaker

    • 10,000 Fans for your Facebook page

    • The wave formula

    • Facebook business manager

    • Facebook ads overview

    • Navigating through your business manager

    • Setting up your conversion tracking

    • How to use audience insights

    • Facebook Ad creation part I

    • Facebook Ad creation part II

    • Key performance indicators

    • Facebook ads: How to check your stats

    • Facebook ads ideal stat sheet

    • Troubleshoot your ads

    • Test your ad templates

    • Split testing

  • Pre-Launch

    • Impact of the discovery call on a high ticket client

    • Discovery call Vs. Strategy call

    • How to set up and run a discovery call

    • Discovery call template

    • Navigating Acuity

    • Best way to process high ticket payments

    • Sales spreadsheet (money going in and out)

    • Legal basics for launching your courses

    • How to gather testimonials

  • How to Get Sponsorships and Collaborations

  • Follow Through Business Updates

    • Setting up webinars and team check-in calls

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