Who is Mj Aoki?

"Turning Mishaps into Positive Memories"

Hello there and welcome to my travel blog! My name is MJ Aoki, a 29-year-old Filipino-Japanese digital marketing coach, adventurer, and storyteller. I am a thrill-seeker whose adventures may or may not always turn out as planned.


My unlikely epiphany came through while hiking up the mountains in the Philippines. It was a long and grueling 8-hour hike when I accidentally stubbed my foot to a rock, instantly making my toe black and dead (RIP). Enduring the pain going back, I managed to complete the hike.


I knew that these mishaps will alter the course of my life as I recall all the other unexpected events I had in my life. With the idea to share positivity, I started my online business to help people like me, pursue their passion for travel, food, love, and all things that excite through different social media as I share my mishaps and moments in my life’s (mis)adventures. 

I had no experience in the digital world but I am armed with a dream of creating a laptop lifestyle for travellers and dreamers alike. I'd be happy to share my experience to the rest of the people who lust for life.

The Online Journey

I had a corporate job as a recruitment manager where I found myself settling with the average pay. I was working 60-70 hours a week and my health was deteriorating (and btw I’m just on my 20s). 


I thought at my age, I was pretty successful because I was earning a lot of money? The saying, money cannot buy you happiness, is absolutely true. I was slowly dying on the inside.

I was determined to achieve my dreams so I took a leap of faith when my best friend introduced me to this system. Without any experience in online Marketing, I was still able to setup my business and help people become successful.


Fast forward today, I have been able to work with hundreds of amazing clients and mentors, helping them grow their social media portfolios.


Whether you are new or have experience in setting up your business online, there are still a lot to learn to help your business grow and prosper.

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Christopher Saint Germain

I love the Philippines, and following your adventures! Thank you for all of your guidance. I can't wait to follow in your footsteps!

Bree Briones

Mj never fails to inspire me as a traveler and an entrepreneur. She pours her heart into her mentorship and takes her passion seriously. I love following her travel and lifestyle posts because her great personality is so infectious it makes you appreciate life even more. Thank you, Mj for being you! I look forward to traveling with you and hopefully we can collaborate a vlog soon! Keep shining!

Krista Lejarde

Looking at this blog makes me feel that I am missing out a lot in life! Finding Miss Adventure lets me appreciate what I can still do, when I still can. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope to go where you've been, do all that you've done and become the best version of myself in the future days. 

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